LEGO Certified Stores October Calendar

The last quarter of the year arrives with a galore of new LEGO sets from Ideas, Creator, Marvel, Super Mario and more!

LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster is the first off the list retailing at $179.90 for the the instrumental music lovers.

The annual LEGO Winter Village series has a new arrival in this Santa’s Visit retailing at $149.90

PwP: Exclusively at RWS flagship outlet: Redeem the Sentosa Arcade set with minimum $88 spend on any LEGO set(s)

Enjoy the full store calendar courtesy of LEGO Certified Stores by Bricks World:

Exclusive NEW Launch of Mosaic Art Creator (MAC) service

If you enjoyed the LEGO Mosaic Maker machine at official LEGO stores overseas or may have heard about the unique set, you may actually find the Mosaic Art Creator app (to be available on the App store and Play store from ~14th December onwards) as a worthy upgrade!

LEGO Certified Stores (Bricks World) will be having the exclusive launch of the Mosaic Art Creator (MAC) for all Singapore based consumers to a one of a kind, customisable experience using LEGO bricks to build your photo(s) into personalised memorable mosaic art. Exclusively to their flagship store at ION Orchard on the 14th December at 10am.

Partnering with Brickzle, the MAC is a app based experience that allow you to turn a personal photo into this custom made mosaic kit that you can build into a proper LEGO mosaic as you get 100% authentic LEGO bricks and a XL baseplate as part of the experience.

How to begin?

1. Simply download the MAC app (unavailable for download as of publishing, but coming soon)

2. Upload an existing photo or snap a new photo to be inserted to the app

3. Pinch, drag and toggle your photo in the editor and when you are ready, select the bespoke mosaic sizes to proceed

4. The app will generate 3 different suggested mosaic rendering to choose from, mainly from lighter contrast to darker contrast. Simply select the preferred image to save it.

5. Drop by at the LEGO Certified Store (Bricks World) at ION Orchard to make payment of S$209.90 per 1×1 baseplate to activate and process the saved art piece from your app. Simply leave the staff in-store to assist you in processing the order.

6. You may collect the customised mosaic kit – including monochrome coloured LEGO 1×1 plates (white, dark bluish grey, light bluish grey and black) along with a complimentary 48×48 studs baseplate as a Gift-with-Purchase on the spot to bring home and begin your custom mosaic building!

We were enchanted with the official LEGO Mosaic maker 2 years ago, but the Mosaic Art Creator elevates this to another level as we may now upload just about any photo (just ensure the image has well defined contrast) including your pet, favourite idol or more which is not possible on the LEGO Mosaic Maker as it require your physical presence at the photo booth.

Are you able to identify which celebrity couple is being featured here?

Unique features:

– App based which remove the need to have a physical booth, book a time slot or queue up
– Truly bespoke as each kit is assem led at the point of purchase/activation in-store
– Flexible sizes of 1×1 or up to 4×4
– Can use with existing photo, newly taken selfies

Learn more: here

Have some questions?
1. What is special about Mosaic Art Creator (MAC)?

You can use any photo you wish and because you can use any photo you can create mosaics of yourself, friends, family, pets, tourist attractions, the list goes on. The algorithm behind the Mosaic Art Creator uses sophisticated, advanced facial recognition and proprietary software to detect and enhance the photo prior to rendering which produces more detailed images. Finally, you are not restricted to 1 base plate, you can have more than 1 base plate to give you more choices and better resolution.

Visit the FAQ to learn more.

Launch Competition
Stand a chance to win your own mosaic creation as 5 lucky winners will be selected between 10th – 24th December (once the app goes live and you may share screenshots).
How to win? Simply post screenshots of your mosaic images to Instagram and include the 2 hashtags #lcsbricksworld #mosaicartcreator
The Top 25 likes will enter into the Lucky draw and 5 lucky winner will be picked from the top 25 entries.

Good Luck!
Look out for our full review of the Mosaic Art Creator (MAC) soon in the next article.