Singapore Brickfest officially postponed till 2021

We have just received an update from Singapore Brickfest organiser that the event (originally to be held from 6-7 June) will be postponed till 2021 in view of the growing risk from Covid-19. We wishes everyone best of health and below is the official statement:

The COVID-19 situation has evolved into a global pandemic. We have seen Singapore’s government stepping up on social distancing measures and advising ticketed events with more than 250 participation to be cancelled or postponed. On top of local travel restrictions and 14 days quarantine measures to limit the spread of the virus, we have many participating countries that rolled out even stricter measures.

While the show could still go on even under such harsh circumstances, as organisers we cannot in clear conscience continue on June 6 & 7 with the situation as serious as it is. With over 8 participating nations, more than 100 tables of exhibitors and over 2700sqm of exhibition space, the crowd size expected would not make this a safe and comfortable event with COVID-19. The important interaction between builders and the crowd would not be as dynamic, losing full interactive potential for MOC exhibitors.

While we regret that Singapore Brickfest 2020 will be postponed to 2021, we are also delighted to announce that the same sponsors and all our 50 volunteers have reaffirmed their commitment to 2021 already. The show must go on! The dates only changed!

In fact, Singapore Brickfest has deepened our commitment to engage the community while we wait out this situation and will be planning:

1) Increased community engagement to encourage LEGO® My Own Creation workshops

2) Smaller scale LEGO MOC gatherings

3) Online/offline contests to inspire budding builders

We are also gathering interest and surveying feasibility for a smaller scale year-end event for LEGO® fans in preparation for 2021. If you think you can contribute to Singapore Brickfest 2021 and the continued engagement of LEGO® fans in Singapore and Asia, please reach out to us! Meanwhile the Singapore Brickfest organising committee, volunteers and sponsors look forward to deliver a fantastic experience for builders and attendees in 2021!

Thank you,

Singapore Brickfest Organizing Committee

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